Meet Melissa Lunsford, LMP – Owner

Melissa Lunsford, LMP has been practicing Massage Therapy since graduating from Carrington College in Spokane, Washington in October of 2014.  Melissa became a Massage Therapist because of her desire to help patients treat their Chronic Pain with Massage.  Her clients will tell you that she is very dedicated to providing Massage techniques designed to target your Chronic Pain.

Melissa grew up on 42 acres of “straight up mountainside” near Orofino, Idaho.  Melissa, her older brother, twin sister, and little sister were raised in a Christian home where her dad was a preacher and an electrician when she was a child and her mom was a stay at home mom.  Growing up, Melissa and her family had a book called, “Stories the Feet Can Tell”, by Eunice D Ingham.  This particular book piqued her interest in Reflexology and the effects that it can have on different parts of the body.   Though this book influenced Melissa, she is making no claims to be certified in Reflexology.

Late in her teens Melissa came down with several chronic illnesses.  After graduating high school in Lewiston, Idaho Melissa became a caregiver which she has done for most of her life.  In 1991 Melissa attended ITT technical Institute where she earned her AAS Degree in Computer Aided Drafting & Design.  She worked as a Low Voltage Electrical Drafter for 5 years and absolutely loved the work.  Melissa also provided technical support for Microsoft Office Installs and for Autodesk Autocad products as well.  Melissa was an EMT for a short time and she owned a medical clinic for about 5 years.  Melissa loves to write poetry and short stories and enjoys painting with watercolors and mixed media.

As a Chronic Pain patient Melissa has lived through the multitude of testing and medical procedures to finally receive a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia in her late twenties.  She knows what it is like to be told that, “There is nothing we can do for you!”  However, having been through those times she also knows how important it is to listen to the client and look for ways to treat the aches and pains of her clients.  So far, Melissa has had amazing results with the Massage techniques she uses to target Chronic Pain in her clients.  “Some times you just have to think outside of the box when it comes to treating Chronic Pain.”

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